Installing CodeTyphon Free Pascal IDE Environment on Debian

CodeTyphon is an Object Oriented Free Pascal Visual Programming Studio, for Cross-Platform Native Development, with Multi-OS, Multi-CPU, Multi-Platform and Cross-Build abilities. For those with experience with Delphi Programming (Embarcadero Pascal Programming Environment) you will find many aspects very similar, although a few significant differences. It offers you the ability to build any kind of application, Commercial or Non-Commercial without any restrictions, and without any cost. It has native components to access most common Database Management Systems. And has plenty of visual components to use easily on your visual projects. But…

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How to drag a captionless form in free pascal-lazarus-typhon

Drag Captionless

We are going to create a demonstration on how to make a captionless form that can be dragged by pulling from any place from its form. Some ideas were borrowed from this site  and Create a new project in its own new directory and call it dragcaptionless Unit. Add a TButton to the lower right part of the newly created form. Change Caption property to ‘Bye!’. On the OnClick Event Handler write the following code: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Application.Terminate; end; We add the following variables to the private part…

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